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"I help you nourish your body & enjoy the foods you love guilt-free

to feel your best inside and out"

Our nutrition coaching services are currently on hold as I am on maternity leave.

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Healthy Food

7 weeks package

Our seven weeks package is ideal if you wish to get a better understanding of your own eating habits. You are interested in learning about the foundations of eating a well balanced diet to feel your best. You will learn what the ideal amount of food in a day looks like and how much of that should be carbs, proteins and fats to optimise your results and feeling energised.

The seven weeks' is ideal to guide you on the right track to reaching your goal.

What's included?
- Weekly check-in calls via phone with Mani (approx. 30 minutes)
- DeLight recipe book
- Assessment of your current eating habits
- Personalised & goal specific nutrition strategies, including calories/macro goals

- Access to our coaching app, where you can ask me questions anytime

If you are seriously committed to your goal and need some longer term accountability, check out our ongoing

1:1 coaching. 


Our seven weeks' package is available for

just AUD $350

A Slice of the Pizza

Ongoing 1:1 coaching

Minimum of 12 weeks' commitment

You are either sick and tired of the ups and downs of dieting and are done chasing quick results.


You are someone active and want to make sure you are fuelling your body appropriately to increase performance and keeping the body healthy. 


Whichever one you are; you are committed to your goal & the process and willing to put in the daily work. 

You are interested in data and want to get to know your body. You understand that this takes time. 

This program is for you if any of the below sounds like you:

- You are stuck in the dieting hole and don't know how to get out. Your body seems to have adjusted to surviving on low calories but you're no longer losing weight

- You have tried so many different diets and actually don't know what's right and what's wrong anymore

- You have only ever counted calories to lose weight but actually have no idea what normal "day to day life eating" should look like

- You are someone active and want to support your body as good as possible by fuelling it properly to help increase performance and not harming your body

- You want to lose body fat, haven't dieted in a while and been eating normally. Your body & mind is in the right spot to get this done but you need guidance, accountability & support​


First four weeks: $200 upfront. This includes a weekly check in call plus the other inclusions from our 7 weeks foundation package.

After the four weeks you will be charged $75, every second week. This includes a check in call every second week and an online check in in-between.

Good things take time, so I am asking for a minimum of 12 weeks commitment.

For my very personalised 1:1 coaching offers, it is crucial that we are a good fit. I want to make it very clear that I do not help you chase quick results. I want to help you make longterm lifestyle changes that work for YOU for many years to come so that you do NOT have to sign up to more programs.

 I need you to be in it for the long run because building habits takes time. 

Why not reach out so we can have a chat to see if we are a good match?

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Follow my real life client Maree to see an example of what the 7 weeks' program looks like.

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