"You can't rush something that
you want to last forever"

( Mani )


- Female Health & Performance Coach (FHP Academy)

- Precision Nutrition L1 Nutrition Coach

- Cert III & IV in Fitness
- CrossFit L1 Coach

Welcome. It's a delight to see you here. My name is Manuela (Mani) and I am your coach. I am originally from Switzerland and have moved to Australia in 2014. A very big move, which has definitely changed my life. Starting DeLight in 2017 was the best decision I could have made. Not only have I finally turned my passion into a job but creating something that is my own, made me feel a lot more at home here. We started with functional fitness classes at Newcastle Beach Surfclub (which are still going STRONG, literally) and have now become a holistic health business with the addition of nutrition & lifestyle coaching in 2020.

What is my mission? I help women feel confident in their body, without having to say goodbye to chocolate, cheese and wine.

Daily movement and regular exercise is important but I soon realised that the right food & lifestyle choices are where the magic happens. This is also where most people struggle and need some guidance with. Believe me, you CAN reach your goal AND have a social life. There is no 'best diet' or magic solutions. It's about finding what works for YOU and YOUR lifestyle. That's the only way you can maintain it longterm. Life is NOT a 30 day challenge.. It's about making better choices, not perfect choices but doing that consistently. Trust me, I have tried a lot and when I finally found my happy balance (that includes chocolate, cheese and wine) I finally started to see and feel the difference. Let me help you find your way - wherever you are in the world...

...and if you are local to Newcastle, you should come and meet my wonderful group of girls, I call them feathers.. I know how daunting it is to enter a new group, especially a fitness group. You think everyone just stares at you and you worry about doing everything wrong. Stepping into the DeLight group feels different. I honestly believe we have one of the most supporting, genuine and fun group of girls training together. I am proud to say that we have all become friends amongst each other and the environment is something very unique. We support and push each other (workout related or not) and never fail to have a laugh at whatever life throws at us.


Now about my personal approach to fitness:

I LOVE being active, I do CrossFit and may be slightly obsessed with it. It challenges me every day and I LOVE training with the crew. Fitness is one of the most important parts of my life and is on top of my priority list. Obviously! It's my job. When I go back home for visits, I love running through the forests, hiking mountains, catching up with what feels like the whole of Switzerland and enjoying all the good foods and drinks that make home feel so home :-). I am one lucky girl to call two of the most amazing countries my home.

So this is who I am and what I believe in a nutshell. I am just a normal girl wanting to help you become happier and healthier.  I sweat, a lot, my face turns the reddest shade of red when I workout, I swear, I cry and make fun of myself everyday. Yep. That's me.


I would love to meet you.


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