Here is a real life example of what the coaching program looks like


Please know that the program is very personalised and is different for everybody. The program is tailored to YOUR needs, YOUR lifestyle and YOUR goals

Client: Maree, busy wife and mum of three young kids

Main goals: To feel better and more confident within herself. To have more energy throughout the day and the whole week. To lead by example for her kids. 

Maree has agreed to share some of her journey with you all

WEEK 1 - 24.01.21

WEEK 2 - 31.01.21

WEEK 3 - 07.02.21

WEEK 4 - 14.02.21

WEEK 5 - 21.02.21

WEEK 6 - 28.02.21

WEEK 7 - 07.03.21 - Final chat