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What are our classes like? 

Our classes are always varied and are a combination of functional strength and conditioning training. Most sessions will be split in two parts - the strength part and the conditioning part. During the strength part we focus on getting stronger in the most fundamental strength exercises, focusing on our major muscle groups. Our conditioning part will ensure you're always challenged and NEVER bored - at whatever fitness level YOU are at. This phase will always be of different durations or intervals and incorporate different equipment every time. This is a highly efficient way of training, as we are challenging the body with different factors (intervals, load/equipment time).

Our Feathertribe is nothing like any other fitness group you have ever trialed before. 

This bunch of girls is incredibly supportive, fun and absolutely inspiring. They will help you get through every though workout or any other struggle you might be going through. 

We simply have no words to describe our tribe.

We think you just have to come and see for yourself.

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